Why my husband says he hates me? Does he “really” mean that?

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Its really painful and hurting when we hear from our husbands that they hate and dislike us. Whenever we hear something like this, we need to get answers by getting to the bottom of the issue in question, why my husband says he hates me?

Do you feel that when he is angry he says hateful things on you and he literally does not mean this?
He wants to hurt you saying he hates you?

We immediately need to analyze the things happening in your marriage, and give a deep look and see what is it that makes them so frustrated that they are forced to say such hurtful “hate” things to us.[ How to bring back lost love ]

I am sure that he behaves in way that look to you that he is totally disinterested in you and the marriage. He seems to have lost interest in you. And are you thinking that separation or divorce could be inevitable to your marriage.

My husband hates and dislikes me. Does he really means that...

NO not really; lots of husbands and wives have saved their marriages from the brink of a break up by doing couple of small things, like changing some behavior or manners.

Find Out how you can save your marriage today and change his HATE to LOVE and AFFECTION

You might be thinking that you need to do something big to save your marriage. The point here is, you need to do those small things in large levels to get back the love of your husband and remove hate from your marriage.

I have seen in a lot of marriages, the women fail to see the things that trigger their husbands. They seem to have an opinion that this is such a small trivial thing or I simply can’t.

If you feel that your husband is not acting out of anger and there is no longer love in your marriage and he is disinterested in you these days, then you really have a problem to deal with.

Please understand that most of the times, when your husband says or behaves in a way to show his dislike and hates towards you, I could mean a lot of unsaid things and issues as well from his heart. Check how you can overcome hate with love in your marriage and the related posts below.

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