Signs that my husband hates me – What are they?

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There are lot of signs that comes from our husband that he dislikes and hates us. We either overlook them or misunderstand them for anger and mood offs. The aversion cannot be kept within himself and will reveal itself in some shape or form.

The disinterest, lack of love and even hate cannot be kept under wraps for a long time in a marriage by your husband. These are these actions, deeds and words that could easily giveaway the feelings he has for you in his heart.

Sign# 1: He is disinterested and does not care for me
When you feel that your husband does not care about your feelings, it a clear indicator of his disinterest in you, which could turn into hate. Disinterestedness towards you is one of the first warning signs of hate.

Sign# 2:Is it Loss of love or hate?
Also you need to know the fine line between your husband no longer loving you and your husband hating you. Losing the love your husband had for you overtime is different from him hating you.

Also the display of hate could be a sign that he is falling out of love with you. Or it can also be the other way. Since he has fallen out in love with you, he is displaying his hate towards you.

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Sign# 3: He is ignoring you
Is he totally ignoring and not bothering you for a long time for no reason?
Usually once he loses his love for you and feels that you just someone being with him, he will start ignoring you and things related to you. He may act as if like he has “got over” you now.

Sign# 4:Reacts differently now and hurts feelings
Do you feel that he is reacting in a totally different way for no reason for the same old situation?
As he harbors hate against you in his heart he will tend to over react to things that did not mean much to him before. He may look for chances to hurt your feelings.

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Sign# 5: Hurtful intentions
Do you feel that he is saying and doing things with an intention of hurting you?
The resentment and the aversion he has for you shows itself off very often solely to hurt you. As he has lost the love for you, all he does now is to show his dislike and get you to react to him so that he can get back at you.

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The signs of hate from a husband is a sure sign of difficult and tough things waiting for you in your marriage. You need to understand and analyze the issues that is making him behave this way and take steps to turn things around and be the women he adores. and rebuild love in your married life .

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