My husband hates my family. What do I do?

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Lot of wives are faced with issues where their husbands hate their family. This is really a delicate and awkward situation to be in, because we need both of them. And want our husband to like our parents and be in good terms with them. So coming to the question, What to do when my husband hates my family?, it is really possible to change him doing a couple of things over a period of time.

# Does your parents like your husband?

Most of the times the reason why you husband hates your family because he might have a feeling that they do not like him and not respecting him enough. If that is the case, first deal with your parents. Know what is that, that they don’t like about your husband.

What do I do When My Husband hates my family...

# Have frequent but short visits.

Make sure that you and your husband meet your parents on a regular interval for just a brief period of time. At times the reasons for dislike might be because they really don’t know who and how they are. These short visits would let them know each other better. But be very careful not to expose each other too much. You need to take this process gradually.

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# Keep an eye of the progress:

Once in a while check out how your husband is feeling about your parents. Is it still the same? Or , now he feels a little better about them.

Also find out what really triggers him on your parents. This is really important for you to know because the whole process would be a lot easier and quicker if you know that. This will also give you things to work-on on both the sides.

# Give time to both of them

You shouldn’t expect something to happen over night. Give you husband some good amount of time. Also keep in mind emotions like “hate” might not vanish all of a sudden. Remember as long as you start seeing a change though at a slower phase you are on the right track.

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